Cup hilt designed after Spanish museal rapiers. Protective and comfortable cup, fits both light and heavier gloves. Most popular rapier in our offer due to its price and quality :)Diamond shape blade provides excellent flexibility in thrusts in last 1/3 of blade, while "strong" part of blade remains stiff to allow better control of opponent sword. Diamond shape section of blade helps blade to withstand thousands of thrusts without deformation and prevent "floppy effect". Rapiers are only available with spatulated tips or no tip/rounded tip for reenactment.Full length : 118 cm/113 cm Weight : 920/980 g PoB from cup : 10 cm/11cm Blade length (two available) : 100 cm/95 cm Ricasso : 6.5-7 cm Handle incl. pommel : 13 cm Crossguard : 27 cm Flexibility : 8-9 kg - tournament approved, not floppy - flex in last 1/3 Thickened tip.  If you are interested in premium pommel instead standard ball (included in price) you can order your rapier with Premium pommel :

Spanish Rapier Cup hilt