Standard Feder - longsword flexible steel simulator.


Designed for modern recreators of old martial art. Feder schilts are based on historical sources -(SLIM , FAT - Meyer treatises). 

Flexible blade (with rolled or spatulated tip) and thick edges provide durability and safety for full contact sparrings and tournaments. Blade made from spring steel hardened to 52-54 HRC. Tips of the crossguard have rounded edges to increase safety in accidental hits. Comfortable 3D printed handles can be covered with plain leather, cord or spiral leather.

We offer 9 months of warranty for our products. For all our equipment (if possible) we recommend spatulated/thickened tips but they are available with either rolled, or rounded/"no tip" for reenactment.


Parameters :

132 cm version

Weight - 1480 g Slim, 1530 Fat
PoB : 9 cm Slim, 8 cm Fat 
Full length : 132 cm
Grip length : 31 cm
Blade length : 100 cm


125 cm version

Length : 125 cm
Grip length : 30-31 cm

Blade length : 95 cm
Weight : 1400-1420 g Fat, Slim 1360-1380 g

PoB : 7.5 cm Fat 8 cm Slim



Standard Feder

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