Sidesword Basic - deigned as a ideal trainer for early bolognese treatises. Guard is designed after the most common sidesword guards. Well rounded blade and hardened guard provides excellent durability. Available with additional ring for finger protection.9 months of warranty. For all our equipment we recommend spatulated/thickened tips (if its possible, check options) but they are available with either rolled, or rounded/"no tip" for reenactment.
Parameters :
Blade Length: 90 cm
Width of the Blade at the Ricasso: 30 mm
Length of the Ricasso: 47 mm
Weight. : 865 g
PoB : around 9 - 13  cm from side guard - depending on the type of pommel
Grip Length: 8.5- 9 cm
Grip Length (including pommel):12.5 -13 cm
Rolled or spatulated tip
Crossbar Length: 27 cm
Crossbar - Straight with two finger-rings (ricasso), one small port, and knucklebow

Sidesword Basic

Grip colour