Designed for HEMA tournaments, made in our new technology with beautiful polishes fuller on whole length . Spatulated tip and very thick edges (3.5 mm in thinnest part!) guarantee safety for your sparring partners, while guard will protect your fingers and allow use od heavier gloves :


Parameters (can be customised) :

Full length : 105 cm
Blade length (from end of guard to the point) : 92 cm
Ricasso : 5.5 cm
Handle length : 8 cm
Handle length including pommel : 13 cm
Two pommels available - disc and pear shape.
Weight : 940 g
Pob measured from second ring : 7 cm
Pob measured from first (bottom) ring : 12.5 cm
Flexibility : 10 kg

Guard allows for fingering in most of HEMA 5 finger gloves.

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Sidesword "Achille"

Sidesword Grip colour