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Although all our blades are tested and examined before they are send to our customers sometimes hidden defect can appear during sword usage.
From the date of transport we encount NINE MONTHS for each of our sword.


Parts that are covered by warranty :



Pommel with tang


Examples of failures that will be covered with warranty :

  • broken blade/crossguard,

  • snapped tip

  • cracked pommel/tang

  • significantly bent blade/crossguard


Examples of failures that WON’T be covered with warranty (because they are results of usage/misuse !) :

  • devastated handle (by strong blow)

  • ripped leather/cord handle

  •  loose/lightly bent crossguard

  • nicked edge

 Each warranty case will be considered individually!

If the training tool gets damaged by proper usage, and during warranty time, the damage was probably caused by faulty material, or heat treatment errors. We would like to ask you to get in contact with us as soon as possible( and IMMEDIATELY stop using your training tool because it is dangerous for your training partners !

To decide on your warranty we will need the blade, so we can examine the problem at hand.

Please keep in mind that we will need EVERY part of the sword (all broken/damaged pieces) 

Contact adress :

Szymon Ozog & Jerzy Ożóg

Country : Poland

City : Bielsko-Biala

Street : Rzeznicza 2 

Building number : 16

Postal code : 43-300

Voiwodeship : Slaskie

Phone number : 784439094

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