Pappenheimer Rapier based on XVII museal weapons. Flexible blade or HEMA with safe, thickened tip. Lightweight and precise weapon for those who like to stand out of the crowd, because of unusual weapon ;)




Full length - 115 cm (95 cm blade) or 120 cm (100 cm blade)


Weight : 900 g - short (95 cm from the cup), 940 g - long (100cm from the cup)


Pob : 9.5 cm - 95 cm, 10.5 - 100 cm


Flexibility - 8.5-9 kg


Safe, thickened tip. 6 months of warranty.


For our rapiers we provide two pommels - normal ball one (according to specification) and bonus one - heavier one.  If you are interested in premium pommel instead standard ball (included in price) you can order your rapier with Premium pommel :

We believe that everyone need personalized weapon :)

Pappenhaimers Rapier

Grip colour
Blade length from end of cup


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