Messer "Matthaus"


Meet one of our greatest bestsellers - Messer "Matthaus". The ancestor of all our swords designed in "Standard Tournament" line. Available with rolled tip (spatulated on demand). Amazing flex in last 1/3, thick edges and broad blade combines into safe and really durable messer. Available with various grip options. Messer is available with very wide range of hilts - check them out in options. All options are adjusted for Hema gloves so you can fit even Lobster Spes heavy inside our messers !

We offer 9 months of warranty for our products. 

Standard tournament weapons are made only with spatulated tips and it is highly recommended tip, homever on demand we can prepare different tip.


Parameters :

Full length : 90 cm

Blade length : 73 cm

Handle length : 15 cm

Weight : 750-850 g - (knucklebow + 70 g, ring is 20 g heavier than nagel)

PoB : 11-14 cm (depends on hilt, like weight)


Customer review :

Matthaus Messer



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