We are proud to present you our Standard Tournament federschwert. Blade developed specially for HEMA tournament fighting, with safe flex, thick, well rounded edges and spatulated tip. Available with two types of schilt - FAT and SLIM. Hot peened pommel - pear shape pommel or J1 type pommel. Blade geometry provides durability and flex in last 1/3 of the blade

Specification (can be customised) :

Full length : 132 cm

Blade length : 100 cmWeight : 1450 g -SLIM schilt, 1500 g - FAT schilt

PoB - (measured from the crossguard ) 9.5cm - SLIM schilt, 8.5-9 cm FAT schilt

Crossguard : 25 or 28 cm

Flexibility according to FEDER : 15-16 kg

Edge thickness 6 mm-3.5 mm. Safe, wide spatulated tip - 1.5x0.6 cm

Standard Tournament Feder



Standard Tournament Feder

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